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November 2015

When financial fraud allegations arise at a public company, the firm that audits the financial statements of that company will often draw the attention of one or more of three very formidable entities: the Department of Justice (DOJ), the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB).
All three entities are powerful in their own right, but there generally is a pecking order relating to which agency takes the lead. The investigations that the DOJ leads often involve the most egregious allegations of financial fraud.
In those cases, generally, the SEC defers to the DOJ and the PCAOB defers to the SEC. But companies and auditors should expect that, unless otherwise barred by law, all three coordinate and share information.

Intersol Global can support your auditors, giving confidence to withstand that scrutiny. We promote and deliver the skills to ensure Extraordinary Case Management (ECM™)

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Sound familiar? – An all too familiar tale globally and a painful journey that the UK Criminal Justice System endured for over 2 decades. The UKs Police and Criminal Evidence Act (revised) will hopefully put paid to repeated miscarriages arising from confession driven interviewing, unfortunately doing little for those arising from unregulated witness interviews – still the bedrock of investigation.

At Intersol Global we are passionate about ethical, though robust, investigation and interviewing, putting it at the heart of Extraordinary Case Management (ECM).

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Acknowledgements to Mike Scher at the FCPA Blog:

“I mentioned the role of boards of directors in adopting the company’s code of ethics. In this post, I’ll talk about the critical reasons for board-backed codes of ethics.

As we’ve said, under Compliance 2.0, compliance officers aren’t part of the legal department, and the chief compliance officer isn’t working for the general counsel.

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From the Frederic Bourke prosecution to the PetroTiger cases and the FIFA indictments, defendants who enter early guilty pleas and testify for the government have a role in most big bribery cases.

I was a cooperating witness in the Africa sting prosecution. I spent nearly a month on the witness stand, including almost three weeks under cross-examination by six defense attorneys.

I don’t ever plan to repeat that experience. But I did learn some lessons that might help future cooperating witnesses as well as their lawyers and DOJ handlers.

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Intersol Global are world class leaders at the skill of ‘handling’ cooperating defendants and witness immunity from prosecution having designed UK strategies that have withstood the highest test and closest scrutiny, skills that can also be applied to ‘whistleblowers’ – that most unfortunate choice of phrase so often applied to those who find the courage to expose poor, corrupt, or improper practice.

We CAN support, assist, or just advise and consult to ensure ethical and transparent process and robust Extraordinary Case Management (ECM™). Contact us with complete confidentiality at for a free consultation and initial support.


“The Special Investigation Team (SIT) on black money will look into the claims made by HSBC whistleblower Herve Falciani on Monday where he had said that millions of crores worth illicit funds are flowing out of India.”

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Intersol Global can boast a unique combination of work-leading experts and talent that can support your organisation how to effectively, ethically, and robustly, handle a ‘whistleblowing’ case. Whether it is the effective and exhaustive ‘de-briefing’ of a whistleblower through to an ‘Extraordinary’ case build and management, or undertaking a review of process and gap analysis to identify shortcomings and flaws, to learn and develop from good and poor practice, we are at the cutting edge of practice.

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U.S. prosecutors on Tuesday unveiled criminal charges against three men accused of running a sprawling computer hacking and fraud scheme that included a huge attack against JPMorgan Chase & Co and generated hundreds of millions of dollars of illegal profit (Reuters).

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New guidelines from Sentencing Council affect firms with turnover above £50m and replace sanctions thought to be insufficient.

Major companies convicted of corporate manslaughter will face fines of up to £20m under new sentencing guidelines.

The guidelines, to be unveiled by the Sentencing Council on Tuesday, suggest that judges should impose fines in relation to the size of the convicted organisation. Under the Corporate Manslaughter and Homicide Act 2007, there is no upper limit on penalties. The £20m fine level will be for firms with an annual turnover of more than £50m, and up to £10m for fatal health and safety offences.

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The full guidelines, effective 01/02/2016 to be found here:


Subsequent to The Coroners Act 2009, Ian Hynes and Mick Confrey were pathfinders in the UK in advising and managing the investigative interview strategies for investigations into Health and Safety and Grossly Negligent Corporate Manslaughter investigations. Let us help you manage and mitigate the risk associated to such incidents by engaging in Extraordinary Case Management (ECM) to proactively prevent rather than reactively investigate. See or contact us at

Kevin Rowley has just been awarded the prestigious Australasia Environmental Regulators Achievement Award for 2015 – CONGRATULATIONS Kevin.

Intersol Global (IG) is quickly reinforcing its international footprint having launched its 4 person team in Australia only 4 months ago at the International Investigative Interviewing Research Group (iiirg) conference in Melbourne, with Kevin Rowley joined by Nyall Appleyard, Karl Day, and Steve Garden as ambassadors in the region for IG as consultant associates.

The citation for Kevins award read as follows:

“Kevin focus on training for best practice and mutual support across jurisdictions has been outstanding and over and above his daily work. Kevin is a perfect example of how a person new to the country, people, culture, and business can benefit from what AELERT has to offer and shows the power of the network to connect, empower, and engage. When assessed against the MRIT Kevin’s work in training and procedures, work and learn from regulators and partners, activity and visibility with performance reporting there is no doubt that he is a worthy candidate for the award”.

“Kevin has been with the South Australia (SA) EPA investigations Unit for the past 2 years as Team Leader and Coordinator for Emergency Response after a distinguished career as a UK Police Officer with 30 years’ operational and managerial Detective service. Kevin is an accredited interviewer and has worked with numerous agencies and partners whilst seconded to Drugs Units & National Crime Squads.

On arriving in SA Kevin quickly identified that there were opportunities to share his experience and training with colleagues in SA and the established SA Investigation Managers Network Forum with a view to developing a centre of excellence in SA for professional Investigators. Kevin tapped into the AELERT to connect across the jurisdictions and arranged for UK based Intersol Global Solutions to provide advanced interview training and forums for practitioners nationally. This highly successful program resulted in the recognition of Kevins Qualification as advanced interviewer and trainer with Kevin conducting ongoing training for colleagues across the Environment and Natural Resources Agencies. The benefits of well trained and skillful interviewers across many areas of compliance and enforcement bring significant benefits to the Agency in delivering successful outcomes.
Though this connection with AELERT, Kevin was introduced to Ken Raine from DER WA and the AELERT cluster framework that he used to establish a national Emergency Operations Network in across all states and territories. One of the key early objectives was to create national competencies in training and procedures for environmental emergency responders. Building on Western Australia experience Kevin worked with Ken Raine to deliver practical training for emergency responders in South Australia in 2013. Officers from the SA EPA and Victorian EPA attended a two day course that was extremely well received.
This course is now recognized as providing relevant information and training to enable attendees to safely respond to and manage pollution incidents with modules on identifying hazardous materials, safely approaching incidents, basic toxicology, incident command arrangements, use of field monitoring and sampling tools, personal protective equipment, decontamination, containment and clean-up of pollution, and interactions with other agencies. The network has a goal of national interoperability and support for Agencies during significant environmental incidents where responders can move between jurisdictions to support their colleagues”.

IG look forward excitedly at working with, and supporting, the Australasia associates in developing the very best investigative and interviewing practice worldwide.