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July 2015

“The Financial Conduct Authority visited Barclays 186 times last year. That’s more than double the 85 appointments the FCA had with HSBC, and almost triple the 65 visits to Royal Bank of Scotland”.

The number of visits does not correspond exactly to how frequently rules are being broken, but it does illustrate the trouble the bank has had trying to rehabilitate itself after it became the first big lender to be fined over manipulating the Libor interest rate benchmark in 2012.

Comment: Not so sure of the link between ‘visits’ and ‘rules’ however?

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Intersol Global are delighted to welcome Gary Pankhurst to their team of associate consultants. Having enjoyed a 30 year career with ‘The Met’ Gary is off to university to enhance his learning and researching information retrieval during interviews with suspected sex offenders. Gary concluded his policing career on a commendable ‘high’ as the case officer and strategic interview advisor on Operation ‘Yew Tree’, the well publicised investigation into historical serious sexual offending by some (now) notorious individuals.

Gary brings a wealth of world class investigative and interviewing experience to complement the Intersol team and add yet more value to Extraordinary Case Management (ECM™).

For more information about Gary and other world-leading associates please visit the website ‘about us’ page.

Health, happiness, and success in retirement Gary.