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June 2015

The dreadful events in Tunisia reinvigorate the added value that the SAI would bring to such post event investigation where the volume of victims and witnesses, their prioritisation and categorisation, place such a heavy demand on the management of investigative resources.

Where there is a need to enhance, secure, and preserve witness testimony from external influences (media reports, social media, co-witnesses etc), and prioritise and categorise interviews, the Self Administered Interview (SAI) adds real value. Proven and tested at the highest level of the UK CJ system the interview tool can be accessed below or contact for more information.

Link to SAI here


Behavioral psychologist Dan Ariely has spent over 10 years researching human dishonesty. What are the different kinds of dishonesty? Why do we tell lies? How can one act of dishonesty escalate further? In this video, Ariely discusses white lies (lies you tell for other peoples’ benefit), “the subway was late” lies that benefit ourselves, and, further, the lies we juggle when our personal and business lives intersect. If you’re interested in how dishonesty forms in the brain or how one dishonest act can lead to others, check out this video.

Thanks to Bob Pointer for highlighting this article.

See full report and video here

Intersol Global are delighted to present on the above topic at Latimer Place, Latimer, Chesham, Buckinghamshire, HP5 1UG on Thursday 27th August 2015.

This one day seminar brings together academic approaches to assessing credibility and the practical application of these approaches in the workplace.

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Contact if you would like more details.

I HAVE just received a disappointing internal audit report following a visit that the team made to our business in Nigeria, a trip that also included a contingent from the external auditors. This was unusual, although it was excused on the basis that it formed part of their fieldwork for the year-end, but I suspect something more unpleasant was going on.

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