Avoidable criticism of the investigative conduct and outcomes of separate high-stakes investigations for 3 national regulatory bodies were the common drivers for them to seek and secure the services and support of Intersol to :
  • Review

    Professional Practice
  • Recommend Change

    Professional Practice
  • Design

    Deliver accredited competency based training that focused on investigation and interviewing.
The Solution

Intersol worked discreetly in partnership with the agencies to develop a contextualised and accredited curriculum that was relevant
to the business and trained all levels of operational and managerial staff that were likely to be deployed in an operational capacity.

Intersol were selected for these commissions on the basis of their :

Global reputation and impeccable record of success as ethical high-stakes investigators

training and support that is practical, case relevant and founded on the principles of ECM

Record of successful investigation reviews and implementation of strategic and tactical improvement

depth, breadth and current knowledge of all the working parts of an investigation and their contribution to ECM

flexibility, proportionality and adaptability to role specific functions and discretion, reliability and value for money

accreditaion as a Skillsfirst awards recognised center

Common to all agencies was an outstanding level of subject matter expertise but lack of applied investigation and non-technical interview skills. There was a clear and determined appetite for improvement and Extraordinary Case Management (ECM®).
The Results
In addition to delivering the requirements above, additional business outcomes included:

A workforce with increased confidence who were significantly up-skilled in investigation, interview management and practice

The development and delivery of the only vocational qualification in Europe that accredits investigative interviewers

Risk reduction and improved professional reputation amongst stakeholders

Feedback from delegates and the project commissioners that is universally excellent

Intersol went on to be engaged as professional witnesses and provide an enhanced level of discreet operational support in some cases

Intersol and associate partners continue to support continued professional development