NGOs, 3rd Sector & Charities
New Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery legislation led to a number of organisations recruiting significantly more investigators and reviewing their ability to:

Robustly and effectively investigate new offences

Manage cases from the receipt of intelligence

Convert intelligence to evidence

Ensure supply chain compliance

Successfully prosecute offences and secure sanctions where appropriate

Acknowledge the safety and wellbeing of those subject to this type of offending

The Solution

The Intersol operations team spent time with charity senior managers and lead investigators to understand the issues and develop training need analysis. One area of weakness identified was the ability to research open source intelligence thoroughly and effectively and to then apply it tactically in the investigative arena.

Intersol were selected for these commissions on the basis of their:

ability to demonstrate proportionality, context and relevance to the charities

ethos of partnership working to enable the best and most cost efficient solutions

internationally recognised, award winning subject matter expertise and professional contacts

willingness to be ‘cost sensitive’ in this market sector

blended learning methods and applicability of the 'tools' from the course

Working strategically with specialist partners, Intersol customised a one-day training workshop; “Applying Open-Source Intelligence in the Investigation and Investigative Interview”, and rolled out delivery to cohorts from the respective charities.
The Results
Delivering on all the requirements additional business benefits were secured that included:

improved staff confidence

increased reach and footprint of the charitable work

professionalisation of the processes

increased multi-agency effectiveness and harmony

cost reductions resulting from more efficient working practices